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HIST 3822
3 credits/Spring 2001
T/Th 9:45-11:00 AM
HHH 35

Professor Barbara Welke
752 Social Sciences Tower
Office Hours:
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Internet Resources



  • General WW2 Resources on the Internet - Miami University of Ohio
  • Smithsonian National Museum of American History, WW2 Posters
  • More WW2 Posters, National Archives
  • A People at War, National Archives
  • 50th Anniversary of the Integration of the Armed Forces, 1998
  • Remembering Nagasaki, Exploratorium Museum
  • Internment of Japanese Americans – Exhibit of War Relocation Authority Camps, AZ
  • Japanese American internment history, web site links, and web documents
  • Newspaper articles from the San Francisco News on internment, 1942
  • War Relocation Authority Publication, "The Relocation of Japanese Americans," 1943
  • Truman Digital Archive Project, U.S. Dept. of Education
  • Harry S. Truman Presidential Library
  • Cyber Exhibit: Enola Gay and the Atomic Bomb – the Canceled Smithsonian Exhibit
  • Nuclear History at the National Security Archives, George Washington University

  • Cold War International History Project (Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars)
  • Literature and Culture of the American 1950s (A. Filreis, Univ. Pennsylvania)
  • Soviet Archives Exhibit, U.S. Library of Congress
  • CNN Cold War Documentary
  • Korean War, UC Berkeley
  • The Cold War and Red Scare in Washington State, University of Washington
  • Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962, National Security Archives at George Washington University
  • U.S.-Cuba Relations, Closeup Organization
  • Timeline of U.S. Cuba Relations
  • Jackie Robinson, National Archives
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, OH
  • Articles and Reviews about Betty Friedan, New York Times

  • John F. Kennedy Presidential Library
  • Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library
  • NASA Retrospective, New York Times
  • NASA History Office Web Page
  • NASA Historical Archive
  • The Peace Corps
  • Free Speech Movement Archives Home Page, FSM-A
  • Free Speech Movement Archives and Collections, UC Berkeley 1964-5
  • Digger Archives, San Francisco
  • 1969 Woodstock Festival and Concert

  • African American Studies on the Web
  • African American Mosaic, Library of Congress
  • Enclyclopaedia Britannica Guide to Black History
  • African American Odyssey, a Quest for Full Citizenship, Library of Congress
  • Black History Museum, Afro America
  • Brown vs. Board NY Times story, 1954
  • Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education (Topeka, KS) 1954, Library of Congress
  • Thurgood Marshall
  • Rosa Parks, Library of Congress
  • Death of Medgar Evers, from the Mining Company's American History Site
  • MLK, Jr. Web Site (MLK, Jr. Papers Project, Stanford University)
  • MLK, Jr. short biography from the Library of Congress
  • MLK, Jr., Special section of the Seattle Times
  • MLK, Jr. Black Voices
  • African American Civil Rights Movement, Pt. 1, Library of Congress On-line Exhibit
  • African American Civil Rights Movement, Pt. 2, Library of Congress On-line Exhibit
  • March on Washington, 1963, from the Mining Company’s American History Site
  • National Civil Rights Museum
  • Voices of the Civil Rights Era, (JFK, MLK, and Malcolm X) in Sound Files
  • Malcolm X, A Research Site, University of Toledo
  • A Brief History of the Black Panther Party and Its Place In the Black Liberation Movement, Sundiata Acoli (member)
  • Black Panther Party - a brief history

  • Vietnam Pictures Archives, University of North Carolina
  • Sixties Project and Vietnam Generation, Inc.
  • The Wars for Vietnam, 1945-1975, Vassar College
  • Battlefield, Vietnam, PBS
  • American Experience, Vietnam Site
  • The Virtual Wall, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
  • Vietnam: Yesterday and Today
  • Vietnam Veterans Home Page
  • Vietnam: Stories Since the War, PBS Point of View
  • NY Times – Fall of Saigon – articles, photographs
  • Fall of Saigon – First Person Accounts
  • NY Times, Pres. Johnson’s April, 1968 Address, April 1, 1968
  • NY Times, "Six Days in the Evacuation of Saigon" May 5, 1975
  • NY Times, "Refugees Family Life Strained by Weeks of Waiting" May 27, 1975
  • NY Times, "Cambodian Refugees Depict Growing Fear and Hunger," May 13, 1978
  • NY Times, "The Enduring Legacy of Vietnam," March 31, 1985
  • Southeast Asian Archive
  • Southeast Asia Web
  • Southeast Asian Women's Resources Page
  • Vietgate
  • Vietspace
  • Introduction to Sucheng Chan's Hmong Means Free
  • WWW Hmong Homepage
  • Hmong Electronic Resources Project and Web Links
  • Cambodia - Odyssey of the Khmer People
  • Cambodian Genocide Program

  • Documents from the Women's Liberation Movement: An On-line Archival Collection, Special Collections Library, Duke University
  • The Feminist Chronicles, 1953-93, Feminist Majority Foundation
  • Black Women’s Liberation, Duke University
  • Sixties/Seventies – Women’s Liberation
  • Women in the Civil Rights Movement, Yale University
  • Bibliography of the Second Wave of Feminism
  • Chicago Womens Liberation Union
  • Fight On Sisters: And Other Songs for Liberation
  • 1970s Lesbian Feminism, Ohio State Women’s Studies
  • Gloria Steinem, "Women's Liberation Aims to Free Men Too," Washington Post, 1970
  • Interview with Gloria Steinem, Mother Jones Magazine, 1995
  • Jo Freeman, The Women's Liberation Movement: Its Origin, Structures and Ideals, 1971

  • Chicano: History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement
  • Chicano Related Web Sites
  • Latino/Chicano Resources on the Web
  • Third World Liberation Front Web Site, UC Berkeley
  • Asian American Studies on the Web
  • American Indian Movement, Co-founder Dennis Banks
  • AIM Clippings and Documents, Michigan State Library
  • Russell Means, AIM Co-founder
  • Native American Studies on the Web
  • American Indian Occupation of Alcatraz Island
  • Guide to Gay and Lesbian Resources at the University of Chicago
  • National Archive of Lesbian and Gay History
  • People With a History – Online Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans History
  • Gay and Lesbian Resources on the Web
  • National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

    THE 1970S AND 1980S
  • Richard Nixon Presidential Materials at the National Archives
  • Nixon Scandal Slide Show, NY Times
  • When Nixon Met Elvis, National Archives
  • Gerald Ford Presidential Library
  • The Super Seventies Archives
  • Jimmy Carter Presidential Library
  • George Bush Presidential Library
  • Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

  • Impeachment Process and History
  • Clinton Acquitted 2/13/99, NY Times
  • Editorial cartoons
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