HIST 3822
3 credits/Spring 2004
T/Th 11:15-12:30
Anderson 330

Professor Barbara Welke
752 Social Sciences Bldg.
Office Hours:
T 1-3 pm (or by appt.)
tel: (612) 624-7017


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Students are responsible for all assigned readings and regular lecture attendance. There will be no exams in the course. Rather, grades will be based on three short papers (3-5 pages each)(each 20% of the final grade) and a Final paper (10 pages)(40%).

In addition, you may also improve your grade by 1/3 letter grade (e.g., C+ to B-, B to B+, B+ to A-, etc.) by regular, active, informed class participation. Most classes will incorporate some element of discussion into the lecture.

Below are links for the short and final paper assignments. I have set these up as links to allow you to print out each assignment individually.

Short Papers

Final Paper (Due Fri., May 14, Turn in between 8:30-10:30 a.m., 752 SSB -- No Late Papers Accepted)

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