HIST 3349
3 credits/Fall 2003
T/Th 12:45-2:00
HHH 35

Professor Barbara Welke
752 Social Sciences Tower
Office Hours:
T/Th. 2:15-3:30 (or by appt)

tel: (612) 624-7017


U. S. Women's Legal History

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Due Dates. All assignments are due at the beginning of class unless otherwise noted. Deadlines are a serious business. On formal papers, each day late will cost you a full letter grade. No late papers accepted on informal writing assignments.

Formal Paper Grading Guide. I have explained on the syllabus the standards I use for evaluating the informal writing you will be doing this term. This link explains the standards by which I will evaluate the two formal papers you will be writing (final reflective essay and research paper).

Research Paper. Due Date: Final Draft Thurs. December 11th.

Research Paper Peer Discussion Link

Final Reflective Essay.

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